The Downfalls of Getting a Divorce without a Lawyer

Divorce can be notoriously expensive. The more contentious and prolonged the process, the more expensive it can be. You can spend thousands of dollars on a relatively “simple” divorce, and you can spend tens of thousands if it becomes contentious. It’s no wonder that you might want to avoid a lawyer and try handling the divorce paperwork yourself.

However, trying to get a divorce without a lawyer can end up causing you a lot more problems in the long term. Here are some of the downfalls of getting a divorce in Mesa without a lawyer:

The Process Can Draw Out

Think about all the fights you had as a couple – fights that likely contributed to your divorce. How easy was it for you to come to a consensus on anything? Or were you ever able to come to an agreement? Chances are good that you found it hard to get on the same page with your ex. But even if you did have communication once upon a time, it’s likely gone now.

Trying to come to an agreement on all the issues in your divorce can drag on a long time since you and your spouse are likely to find yourself locked in a bitter feud. Sometimes, one or both of you may fail to agree just out of spite. The longer your divorce takes, the longer it will be before you can start your life over. Working with an attorney in Mesa can help you work through these issues quickly so that you can find resolution.

You Could Lose Important Assets

Both people in a divorce usually want as many of the marital assets as they can get. They will fight over every last dollar in the retirement account and every last dish in the China cabinet. Experienced Mesa divorce attorneys know this, and they have developed winning strategies to get the best settlements for their clients.

If you are trying to negotiate assets yourself, you may end up giving in on issues when you shouldn’t, or you may let go of items you shouldn’t because you don’t know your rights. A divorce attorney in Mesa will help you understand what you are entitled to have and will fight to help you get it.

You Could Lose a Bigger Share of Child Custody

Besides marital assets, the thing that divorcing couples fight over the most is who gets the children. Parents may fight for primary custody in Arizona, or they may fight for a larger share of custody. If you try to negotiate this issue yourself, you may never reach an agreement. Or you may end up coming to an agreement that leaves you with less time than you would like.

Hiring a Mesa divorce attorney can help you get the child custody arrangement you would like. Even if you can’t get the perfect arrangement, you increase your chances of getting more time with your children than you might have negotiating custody on your own.

You Could Lose Out on Child Support

Even good parents can resist paying the child support in Arizona they know they should. They may try to minimize the amount, or they may try to get out of paying entirely. When it’s just you negotiating the issue, your co-parent may refuse to pay what you expect, since there is nothing to reinforce the request.

Working with an attorney will ensure that you get the child support you should. Your attorney will negotiate the amount and will get an order that ensures it gets paid. Your children will be taken care of, and you won’t have to worry.

Don’t become distracted by the supposed cost savings of filing for divorce yourself. You need to hire an experienced Mesa divorce attorney to represent you to ensure that you have the financial assets you need to protect your future and the child custody arrangement you want to protect your family.

Contact My AZ Lawyers if you are separated or are thinking about getting a divorce. A family law lawyer from our team will thoroughly review all aspects of your case and will work with you to develop a strategy to fight for the settlement you want. Your divorce attorney in Mesa will fight for the best division of assets, as well as the child custody arrangement you want and the child custody you need. We represent clients in Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, Phoenix, and the surrounding area. Call us today to talk with a divorce attorney about your legal options.

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