What to Do if You Change Your Mind while Signing Your Divorce Papers

Divorce can be tricky. You may sign your divorce papers and then think better of the settlement to which you’ve agreed. You may decide you want more of the 401(k), or you may decide that you deserve the vacation house after all. Or you may be in the midst of settling your divorce and decide that you aren’t quite ready to call it quits, after all. You may decide you want to give things another try and stay married.
Depending on where you are in the divorce process, you may still have some options if you have changed your mind about how you want to proceed. It’s important that you are working with a divorce attorney through this process so you can understand your options at every step and you can take the right action.

What to Do if You Change Your Mind while Signing Your Divorce Papers

Reconsidering the Settlement

If you are having second thoughts about the settlement, you may not have a lot of options once you are at the signing stage. If you have already signed the papers and they have been filed, the only thing you can do is file an appeal or file for a modification after the fact. The court may not agree to grant either.
If you have not yet signed or submitted the divorce papers, you have more options to go back to the negotiating table. However, you may find the conversation to be more contentious since you’ve now gone back on your previous agreement. Your spouse may not be as willing to negotiate. Your Mesa divorce lawyer will help you decide on the right strategy to increase your chances of success.

Reconsidering the Marriage

Divorce can cause people to become more reflective of their marriage, and that can make them remember the love they had for their spouse and the feelings they had when they wanted to make their marriage work. That can make some decide that they want to give it another try.

If you are feeling like you want to give things another try with your spouse but you have already signed and submitted the divorce papers, your only option is going to be to get remarried. However, if you have not gotten that far along in the process, you have more options.

At the beginning of a divorce proceeding, you can simply withdraw the divorce petition if you change your mind. However, if the divorce proceeding has already started to make its way through the courts, you will need to sign and submit a voluntary dismissal. You will still have to pay court fees, and you’ll have to pay your divorce attorney for drawing up and submitting the dismissal, but you will save money on attorney and court fees that you would have had to pay if the case had wound its way through the entire court process. The other good news about submitting a dismissal is that you don’t need to provide an explanation. The court doesn’t need to be convinced to dismiss your court case. You submit the paperwork, and the court will dismiss it.

There are a lot of things that can change over the course of a divorce proceeding. You need to work closely with an experienced divorce lawyer in Gilbert to get guidance as these changes arise. Your attorney can counsel you on what forms need to be signed and what action needs to be taken whether you have decided to reconcile, want to modify the terms of your agreement, or have some other changes you want to make. Without any attorney, you risk making costly mistakes that can follow you for a long time.

If you are considering divorce, call My AZ Lawyers. Our divorce attorneys serve clients in Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, and Phoenix, and they can help you through the process from the moment you decide to separate until the final settlement is granted. They can even help you afterward, if you decide that you want to challenge or modify a settlement. Our dedicated Mesa divorce lawyers are ready to help you understand your rights and to fight for what you deserve. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney and to start learning about your legal options.

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