Why Do Drunk Drivers Drive Drunk?

Even though the efforts of lawmakers and law enforcement have managed to cut down on drunk driving incidents and DUI arrests, there are still way too many drunk drivers on Mesa roads, causing unnecessary accidents. These driving related accidents range from minor fender benders to crashes with multiple fatalities. Mesa drivers are aware of the risks involved in drinking and driving and most of us even know somebody who has somehow been affected of the action of drink driving. In fact, every hour, at least one person dies in the U.S. because of drunk driving and someone gets injured about every 1.5 minutes. That’s a scary tally for something that could easily prevented, which should have us wonder: why, if they are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, do they still do it?

The obvious answer is they do it because they are drunk. We all know that alcohol messes with your judgement and makes you do things you would never do if you weren’t drinking. Sadly, this includes driving, as well. But just how does alcohol make us come up with “stupid” decisions?

Why Do Mesa Drivers Drive Drunk?

Why Do Drunk Drivers Drive Drunk?

Even though the efforts of lawmakers and law enforcement have managed to cut down on drunk driving incidents and DUI arrests, there are still way too many drunk drivers on Mesa roads, causing unnecessary accidents.
Mesa, AZ

The problem with alcohol is the same that makes it so enticing. It is a drug that is especially fast acting, meaning, you will experience changes shortly after consumption. In no time at all will the alcohol enter your bloodstream, where it interferes with bodily functions, including your brain and decision making ability. Why? Because alcohol messes with the function of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters, of course, are our body’s chemical messengers and when alcohol impacts them, the messages they are supposed to deliver, don’t arrive, or arrive incomplete or jumbled up. Alcohol throws of the balance between inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters(oftentimes in favor of excitement and by reducing inhibition) which cause those consuming alcohol to make questionable decisions.

Reasons people drive drunk

1.They are under the impression of being “less” drunk than they really are.

Why would anyone think that? There are many reasons why people think they are sober or “less drunk” than they are. Some gauge their sobriety based on how many drinks they consume, but it is easy to lose track of how many drinks you have already consumed. If you are out drinking at a bar or cafe, who is to say how heavy handed your bartender is when mixing your mixed drink or cocktail? Maybe your Mesa Margarita has way more tequila than you are used to. Or maybe that wine glass was filled more than it was at the other place. There are countless reasons why anybody would consume more alcohol than they are aware of, which is dangerous if you measure your sobriety based on your drink count.

2.They think they can be extra-careful when driving and thus won’t cause an accident.

As alcohol impairs your brain and thus your judgement you may very well believe that you are capable of driving extra careful, avoid main streets, use back roads and so on. But no amount of carefulness will make up for any drinks you have consumed. Many Arizona drivers are led to believe that because they have succeeded with this strategy in the past, it is a proven approach to drinking and driving, but the truth is, sooner or later you will cause an accident or get busted. Just remember before you start drinking that the notion of being extra careful is fed to you by your alcohol impaired mind.

3. They can’t make rational decisions…

…even though they think they can. It also leads to rash decision making. If you are a guest at a Mesa birthday party and someone forgot to get the cake, you may very well spring to the occasion and offer to fetch the cake from the store even though you are already several drinks into the evening. Because your brain can’t properly rationalize what’s going on anymore, you think you are good to drive.

4. They are embarrassed.

Common Reasons for Mesa DUI Maybe you are known for your good judgement or for not being a drinker or you have never actually been drunk before. Oftentimes, when people had too much to drink at a party and realize they are incapacitated, they are embarrassed or too ashamed to call a friend to pick them up. Which in turn leads them to drive drunk.

But the opposite is true. Nobody should ever be ashamed for calling a friends or family member to pick you up, instead be proud of your good judgment even while drinking. Calling a designated driver shows maturity, respect for yourself and towards others and that you own up to your current state of mind.

5. Personal Issues

Alcohol is the classic drug of trying to escape personal issues, problems and hard circumstances. While alcohol certainly may drown your sorrows, at least momentarily, it may also drown your ability to care. Because alcohol not only exhilarates, but can also increase depression and moodiness, someone who is drinking to escape might not actually care that he or she is driving drunk. But by driving drunk in Mesa, you are not only making your problems those of others by exposing them to danger, but you are also not going to be able to escape any problems you may be having. Quite the contrary, you may get yourself arrested.

It is important to understand before you start drinking what may happen during or after. Of course, alcohol affects Mesa residents differently based on body weight, sex and other determining factors.

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