Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation as a First Step

Divorce can seem like war. In fact, many books and movies have shown it exactly like that, even including the word “war” in the title. Most people getting a divorce seem like enemy combatants. Attempting mediation or negotiation of any kind would seem so far out of the realm of possibility for many people. Yet this is exactly what most people should do.

Any divorce attorney in Gilbert will tell you that you should consider mediation as a first step in resolving your divorce. Here are a few reasons why:

Spouses split up disputing about divorce settlement in Mesa divorce lawyers office

The Judge Will Probably Order It Anyway

Going to court is taxing on everyone. It’s an expensive and emotional trying ordeal for the couple, and it’s an expensive and time-consuming affair for the courts that uses up a lot of valuable resources. It’s better for everyone if your divorce never has to play out in court.

Therefore, many judges are ordering the divorce cases start with mediation. You may not ultimately resolve your case through mediation, but the courts want you to at least try. That way, if your case ends up in court, it’s because it truly needed to be there.

It Will Save You Money

If your divorce has to go to court, you will spend thousands more to reach a resolution. Your divorce attorney in Mesa will have to file multiple documents, will have to show up for multiple court hearings, and will have to prepare arguments and evidence. Court hearings can also be delayed, which can add to the time and expense.

In contrast, mediation can be resolved much more quickly, and it will be far less expensive. You can attend mediation without a divorce attorney. But even if you do take an attorney with you (which is recommended), you’ll spend less on legal fees than you would if your Mesa divorce attorney has to represent you in court.

It is Private

In most cases, anyone can enter a courtroom. That means that while you are fighting it out with your ex on the stand, total strangers could be sitting in the audience learning all the dirty details of your marriage and your separation. That could include cheating, abuse, or other misbehavior. Even if you were both squeaky clean, you’ll still be openly discussing your finances. Do you want everyone to know how much you make and what assets you have? Even if the court is closed to the public, people involved in other cases the court will be hearing that day will be in the court.

If you prefer to keep your private business private, mediation is your best bet. The only people in the room will be you, your ex, the mediator, and maybe your Gilbert divorce attorneys and some assistants. You can keep all the dirty details between the two of you (and paid professionals who are sworn to confidentiality).

You’ll Get a Better Outcome

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you attempt to work with your ex in mediation, you can actually get a better outcome for your divorce. When people take things to court, they tend to dig in their heels and refuse to give on any issues. Then they are at the whim of the court, which may not give either party the judgement they wanted.

By going to mediation, you give yourself and your ex more control over the outcome. Mediation encourages a spirit of cooperation, and that can result in a better settlement for both of you.

Divorce is often driven by emotion, but stepping back and evaluating your options with a cooler head can allow you to make better choices that lead to better outcomes. Talk to your Gilbert divorce attorney about mediation and whether it might be right for your case. You may be surprised at what you can achieve through mediation – and you’ll be very pleased with the cost savings!

If you just starting your divorce journey, contact My AZ Lawyers to speak with an experienced divorce attorney about your options. We’ll help you understand how mediation might help or why another option might get you a better outcome. Our goal is to help you get the best divorce settlement you can. We can also help you get the right child custody agreement and support order. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated divorce attorney.

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