6 Potential Outcomes of a DUI Conviction

You know the dangers of drinking and driving. You know that you could get into an accident that could result in serious injuries or could even kill someone – even someone you love. You know that you shouldn’t do it, but sometimes, you may underestimate how much you’ve had to drink. Or you may make a poor decision as a result of your drinking.

You know that you’ll get in legal trouble if you are convicted of drinking and driving, but you may not realize how serious the outcomes can be or just how long you’ll be paying the consequences for your decision. Working with a good DUI law office can help you get those penalties reduced, but not even the best DUI attorneys can get the charges expunged from your record if you are convicted.

Before you get behind the wheel after drinking, think about these six potential outcomes of a DUI conviction:


Higher Insurance Rates

If you thought your insurance rates were high after getting a speeding ticket, just wait until you see what happens after a DUI conviction. If your insurance company doesn’t cancel your policy outright, you can expect to pay some outrageous rates for quite a long time.

Don’t think that you’re going to save by shopping around, either. Most insurance companies won’t take you on if you’ve had a DUI, and if they do, they are going to charge premium rates.

DUI Classes

The state doesn’t want to just punish you and teach you to avoid being caught the next time you drink and drive. Officials want you to really learn from your experience so that you don’t make the same mistake again. Therefore, it is very likely that you will be ordered to complete DUI classes if you are convicted of drinking and driving.

These classes are lengthy, and they are expensive. You will have to take them on your own time, and you will have to pay for them yourself. If you don’t, you’ll face even more serious penalties, which could include fines or jail time.

Ignition Interlock Device

Officials aren’t likely to take your word for it that you’ll never drink and drive again. They’re going to put measures in place to make sure you don’t, including requiring you to put an ignition interlock device on your vehicle that won’t allow you to start the vehicle until your breath test shows that you are sober enough to drive.
Again, you will be responsible for getting the ignition interlock device installed, and you will have to pay for it yourself. You may have to have it on your vehicle for a year or more, depending on your sentencing.

Job Loss

A lot of employers have a clause in their hiring agreements that say that if you are convicted of a crime, they can fire you. Because a DUI around Arizona is a driving offense, many people think of it as a traffic violation. However, a DUI conviction is a criminal conviction, even if it is just a misdemeanor.

Being convicted of a DUI can result in the immediate loss of your job, which can cause many financial and career problems for you going forward.

Professional License Loss

Professional licensing organizations have many clauses about moral and ethical behavior, as well as about criminal convictions. If you are a professional like a doctor or a finance officer who has to have a professional license, you may lose that license if you are convicted of a DUI. Without your license, you will not be able to practice in your profession anymore. Depending on the circumstances of your case and the type of license you hold, you may not be able to get your license back.

Long-Term Repercussions

A DUI can follow you for a long time. The DUI can never be expunged from your record, so future employers can see it when they run your background check, and they may not hire you because of the conviction. You may struggle to find employment or to advance your career because of it.

If your DUI results in a felony conviction, you will also be barred from owning a gun or voting – rights that you may never be able to get back.

The consequences of a DUI are too great to leave to chance. Not only should you make it a habit to drive home with a friend or to get an Uber after drinking anything at all, but you should also call experienced DUI attorneys if you are charged. Your attorney may be able to have the charges dismissed or may be able to get the penalties reduced so that you can start your life over more quickly.

My AZ Lawyers can help if you have been charged with a DUI in the Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, or Phoenix areas. Our DUI defense attorneys are committed to helping you avoid conviction wherever possible. Where that’s not possible, they will seek ways to reduce your penalties. Contact our DUI law office today to talk with one of our DUI lawyers about your legal options.

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