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Some of the top employers in Ahwatukee include the public schools, government and low-paying companies like retail establishments.  Therefore, as the economy continues to limp along in these sectors and budget cuts continue to be made, many residents are struggling to make ends meet.  Thus, some people in Ahwatukee may find themselves in over their heads financially.  These people seek debt relief and a remedy for their struggles.  Possibly, declaring bankruptcy in Ahwatukee is the solution that many people need.

Many people have a negative view of bankruptcy, seeing it as a kind of failure.  In reality, bankruptcy was designed to give people struggling with debts a chance to start over.  It is protection afforded under the law to avoid financial ruin.  Sometimes filing for bankruptcy in Ahwatukee, AZ through experienced Ahwatukee bankruptcy services like the bankruptcy attorneys at My AZ Lawyers is the only way to overcome your debt and get a fresh start.

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Ahwatukee Bankruptcy Attorneys At My AZ Lawyers Can Recommend Debt Relief Options

Struggling with seemingly insurmountable debts? A bankruptcy lawyer helps you get the debt relief that you need.  Plus, our Ahwatukee bankruptcy attorneys evaluate your circumstances provide ways bankruptcy may be able to assist you.  The experienced lawyers at My AZ Lawyers recommend the precise chapter of bankruptcy which suits you best.  Additionally, our Ahwatukee debt relief teams works with you through the whole process of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  We provide Ahwatukee bankruptcy services with a low fee guarantee.  Plus, it all starts with a free consultation and debt evaluation.

However, though you technically can file for bankruptcy in Ahwatukee yourself, it is not recommended.  Thus, Filing for bankruptcy can actually be a complicated process. Failing to get all the details exactly and appropriately can result in severe penalties.  Therefore, by working with a bankruptcy lawyer, you can ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filed appropriately.  Plus, by doing so,  you are taking the best advantage of all the opportunities that bankruptcy affords you, such as the possibility of keeping certain assets.



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Additionally, our Ahwatukee bankruptcy attorneys will make sure that every document regarding your bankruptcy is filed completely and correctly.  Thus, by hiring a competent and experienced bankruptcy attorney, you assure that nothing gets overlooked.  Therefore, declaring bankruptcy can be stressful and intimidating.  However, with appropriate legal counsel, you relax knowing that you are on the road to a brighter financial future.  Additionally, our BK attorneys understand the emotional toll debt and bankruptcy has on our clients.  Thus, the stress of debt is why we work swiftly and efficiently so that you can get a good night’s sleep sooner.

Ahwatukee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

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An Ahwatukee Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as liquidation bankruptcy.  Plus, Chapter 7 is also referred to as this because assets may be used to pay off your creditors.  However, if Chapter 7 is the right fit for you it will be determined through a means test.  Also, this test to determine which chapter to file is administered during a free consultation with our Ahwatukee Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers.  Plus, the moment our Ahwatukee BK attorneys file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy an automatic stay prevents all collection attempts from creditors.  Also, the length of this automatic stay varies.  Therefore, contact your Ahwatukee bankruptcy lawyer regarding the terms of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and its implications in your personal financial situation.

Ahwatukee Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

An Ahwatukee Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as a reorganization bankruptcy, because your debts are reorganized by a payment plan that allows you to pay off your creditors over the course of three to five years with your monthly income.  Unlike in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will probably be able to keep most if not all of your assets as they are not used to satisfy the claims of your creditors.  Additionally, Chapter 13 is a consumer bankruptcy that is designed to alleviate the financial burden that our clients carry with them while trying to keep up with their bills.

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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Ahwatukee, Arizona

Forget what you think you know about bankruptcy and contact our Ahwatukee bankruptcy team today.  Thus, we help you find peace of mind.  Plus, we assist you in taking charge of your financial future.  Therefore, put an end to sleepless nights and days of endless worry.  Meet with a Ahwatukee bankruptcy attorney today.  Additionally, bankruptcy laws are put in place to give people in Ahwatukee struggling with debts a helping hand.  Plus, an Ahwatukee bankruptcy filing takes away the shadow of  hovering debt.  Therefore, you should take the first step towards a “Fresh Start” today, you will be glad you did.

Find out how you might be able to get debt relief and start taking back control of your finances by calling My AZ Lawyers today.  Plus, an Ahwatukee bankruptcy lawyer may be able to work with you to get you the clean slate that you need.  Plus, our Ahwatukee debt relief office offers FREE evening and weekend consultations by appointment.  Therefore, call and schedule a consult with our Ahwatukee bankruptcy services today.


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