Are DUI Checkpoints Legal In The State Of Arizona?

What To Expect At a DUI Checkpoint In Arizona 

Nobody likes to stumble across DUI checkpoints. They can make you feel very stressed, even if you are sober. However, these sobriety checkpoints are necessary to keep drivers safe, so you should know how to deal with them instead of avoiding them. 

Knowing why these DUI checkpoints are in place, how you can deal with them, and how often they happen, will give you the peace of mind you deserve. This way, you can handle the situation comfortably and without fear.

DUI Checkpoints are legal not only in Arizona but in many states in the U.S. That’s why many DUI attorneys in Gilbert know every single detail of DUI law and get the best preparation to help you in case of trouble. But, to avoid reaching that point, read the information below.

Learn What To Do At a DUI Checkpoint In Arizona

What Are DUI Checkpoints in Arizona?

A DUI checkpoint is a roadblock on public roads or highways that determines the level of sobriety in drivers. These checkpoints were created to prevent driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They are usually marked with signs to tell drivers that they are going to pass through an alcohol testing site. 

In some cases, these checkpoints are used to run license inspections too. However, you must stay alert to these mixed checkpoints because they can charge you for a suspended or revoked license, even if you pass the sobriety test. 

How Are Sobriety Tests Conducted?

At DUI checkpoints, drivers have to undergo a field sobriety test that includes performing some physical tasks to estimate their coordination. Some of the tasks can be walking in a straight line, following moving objects by eyes, etc. Not all drivers have to perform this test as it depends on what the officers consider necessary.

The actions of the officer may not be in line with what the driver feels fair, and Mesa DUI lawyers may be needed here to assert the driver’s rights. Even so, this matter will depend a lot on the actions of the driver and the police officer.

If the officer feels the driver behaves right, and there are no alcoholic drinks in the car, they can let the driver pass without a test. However, in some cases, the officer may still ask for a test. 

How Can I Avoid DUI Checkpoints in Arizona?

You may want to avoid being stopped and interrogated, especially if you are not breaking the law. Here we show you some tips on how to avoid sobriety checkpoints, stay safe, and stay alert to your rights:

  • Check government websites to know where the current DUI checkpoints are.
  • If you drank two glasses of wine, then it’s enough for you to avoid driving. Ask a friend to drive for you, call a taxi or use a driving app. It’s crucial to stay safe on the road.
  • Some people recommend turning around if it’s legally possible, but you must be cautious with this. It’s not best to avoid the sobriety checkpoint like that. Police can interpret strange turns or changes in direction as suspicious behavior. 
  • Contact a Tucson DUI law office if you feel your rights are being violated. Take note of the officer’s badge and number when doing so. 
  • Do not try to “outsmart a cop”. Be mindful and use your best judgment before avoiding the checkpoint. 

How To Get Through A DUI Checkpoint

You may not be able to avoid a DUI checkpoint, and in that case, you have to know how to handle the situation correctly. The best you can do is stay silent and wait to speak to your lawyer (if necessary).

The officer will ask you to roll down the window of your vehicle. After that, they may ask for your registration, license, and proof of insurance. They may also ask you some questions. Some officers also shine a light in your eyes, and they could ask you to take a breathalyzer test, but that’s up to the officer. 

Know Your Rights At DUI Checkpoints

You can invoke your constitutional rights at DUI Checkpoints. You can tell the officer that you will remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Just remember to be respectful and calm with the officer to avoid issues. Also, do not forget to contact a Tempe DUI law office as soon as possible. 

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