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Expert Mesa Injury Lawyers Discuss How To Handle a Personal Injury Caused By a Motorcycle Accident

Our AZ Motorcycle Injury Lawyers discuss motorcycle accidents in Arizona and how to handle a personal injury caused by being involved in an Arizona Motorcycle Accident.

If you’ve ever been stuck in gridlock traffic, or are sick of your gas expenses, you’ve probably daydreamed about buying a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle doesn’t come without drawbacks. Traveling by motorcycle can be more dangerous, and motorcycle accidents tend to result in more serious injuries. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, our Arizona injury lawyers are available for free consultations at (480) 833-8000.

Expert Mesa Injury Lawyers Discuss How To Handle a Personal Injury Caused By a Motorcycle Accident

Common Types Of Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries In Arizona

  • Lane Splitting Accidents

Some motorcycle accidents occur when the driver is driving in between lanes. The probability of an accident increases because the motorcycle is in a narrower passage, and vehicles are in closer proximity. Automobile drivers may not anticipate a motorcycle splitting lanes either while traveling or while stopped in traffic.

  • Insufficient Motorcycle Protective Gear

For obvious reasons, it’s safest to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. It’s also important to wear sleeves and pants that cover your arms and legs to protect your skin in case of an accident. You can also purchase body armor and other accessories to make riding a motorcycle safer.

  • Head On Collision

These types of accidents are particularly dangerous for motorcycle riders. More than half of motorcycle fatalities occur due to head on collisions with an automobile.

  • Left Turn Accidents

Approximately 40% of motorcycle accidents occur when at least one driver is making a left turn. Whether a motorcycle driver is passing a vehicle, or a vehicle makes a left turn in an intersection while a motorcycle is traveling straight, these types of accidents are unfortunately common.

  • DUI: Alcohol Related Motorcycle Accidents In Arizona

Accidents in which at least one driver is intoxicated tend to be more fatal, especially if a motorcycle is involved. All of the factors that make riding a motorcycle more dangerous are amplified by alcohol. Alcohol-related accidents also frequently involve high speeds, which can increase the possibility of a serious injury or fatality.

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In 2019, there were 129,750 total crashes in Arizona. Motorcycles were involved in 2,676 of those crashes. The peak hour for motorcycle accidents in Arizona is between 5PM and 6PM, versus 4PM and 5PM for all crashes. Out of the 6,167,481 vehicles registered in Arizona in 2019, 209,719 of them were motorcycles. Approximately 6.4% of the motorcycle accidents in Arizona in 2019 were fatal. 79.43% of motorcycle accidents resulted in injuries, compared to slightly less than 30% for crashes in general.

Helmet use seems to be a large factor in the severity of injuries from a motorcycle accident. Out of the motorcycle accidents in Arizona in 2019 where the rider wore a helmet, 16.9% resulted in no injury, 1.4% unknown, 15.5% possible injury, 49.3% suspected minor injury, and 16.9% suspected major injury. Out of the motorcycle accidents in Arizona in 2019 where the rider did not wear a helmet, 4.35% resulted in no injury, 15.22% possible injury, 34.78% suspected minor injury, 34.78% suspected major injury, and 10.87% fatal injury. This data shows that riders without a helmet were more likely to suffer a serious injury or death in an accident.

Motorcycle Accident Damages

If you walk away from a motorcycle accident with a few scrapes, you might not have a personal injury claim. But motorcycle accidents tend to be more serious than that, and injuries can result in several types of damages. Your medical expenses, including those you will continue to incur in the future due to long-term or permanent conditions, are compensable damages in a personal injury suit. If you miss work due to your injuries, you can be compensated for this as well. If your injuries will hinder your career opportunities in the future, you can be compensated for lost earning potential.

Pain and suffering is a more complicated damage to ascertain. The most common way to calculate pain and suffering is by using the multiplier method. A multiplier, usually between 1 and 5, will be assigned to your case based on the severity of your injuries. The multiplier can also be increased if the other driver was intoxicated. The sum of your total damages described above will be multiplied by the number assigned for your injuries, and added to the total amount of damages that you demand in your claim.

Additional Damages: Loss Of Consortium, Wrongful Death, Or Punitive Damages

Other damages may be collectable in your case, such as loss of consortium, wrongful death, or punitive damages. A personal injury attorney should provide you with a description of all the applicable damages in your claim during a case evaluation.

Ideally, everyone involved in the accident will have insurance coverage. One strategy the other driver’s insurance company will use to reduce their payout is to argue that you were partially to blame for the accident. When this happens, you will need to use the available evidence to prove that you are entitled to full compensation for your damages.

What To Do If Injured In a Motorcycle Accident In Arizona

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t let the insurance company tell you what your claim is worth. Your damages should be calculated by an experienced Arizona injury lawyer. If you retain a personal injury attorney, insurance companies are also no longer allowed to contact you directly. Any communications regarding your claim must go through your attorney first. This can protect you from making statements to insurance adjusters that they will use to assign you fault in the accident, or reduce your damages, thereby reducing your overall award.

At My AZ Lawyers, our attorneys have years of experience representing Arizona motorcyclists who have been injured in an accident. The knowledge of insurance company tactics, and how to use evidence in your favor, will render you a higher award. Not only that, but our lawyers charge a contingency fee of 25 percent. When compared to our competitors, who charge up to 33% or more, this will save you thousands of dollars.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring our personal injury lawyers, call (480) 833-8000 to schedule your free case evaluation today. Our AZ motorcycle Injury Lawyers are here to assist.



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