Slip & Fall Accidents In Arizona: Pitfalls To Avoid

Common Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of When Filing a Slip & Fall Claim In Arizona

Slip and fall accidents happen without notice and can truly happen almost anywhere. Therefore, you should be prepared just incase you find yourself the victim in a slip and fall accident. There are definite things and actions to avoid that may be detrimental to your Arizona Injury Case. Thus, our experienced AZ personal injury attorneys below discuss some of the many pitfalls that may face you. Read on and learn the best way to handle any slip and fall accident that may come your way in the future.

Man Suffering From An Injury After A Slip And Fall Accident In Tucson, AZ

What Is a Slip & Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are fairly self-explanatory. If you injure yourself by slipping or tripping on another person’s property, they may be liable for your damages. Some of the damages you may be eligible to collect after a slip and fall include missed wages, lost earning potential, medical bills, future medical costs, pain and suffering, and more. Therefore, to receive compensation for these damages, you will need to file a personal injury claim. This process can be greatly facilitated by retaining an experienced personal injury attorney in Arizona.

How Can An Accident Attorney Help Me If I Have Been In a Slip & Fall Accident?

One of the first ways an accident attorney can help you after a slip and fall accident is by helping you calculate your damages. You will need to sum your medical bills, and project for any future medical costs for long-lasting or permanent injuries. You can be compensated for time missed from work in your slip and fall claim. This can be more complicated to calculate if you aren’t paid on salary, or you have your own business. If your injuries will impede your ability to do your job long-term, you may also receive compensation for lost earning potential.

Another damage you may receive in a personal injury claim is pain and suffering. This damage is even more complicated to complicate than the rest described above. The most common way to find pain and suffering is by first adding together all other damages in the claim. This number will be multiplied by a number between one and five- your attorney will help you argue for use of the highest multiplier possible.

After any type of accident, you may be dealing with the other party’s insurance provider. Several homeowner’s and business owner’s liability insurance policies will cover your accident. If so, you will be dealing with adjusters’ calls, eating up your time and opening you up to the possibility of making statements that could damage your claim. When you hire a personal injury attorney, all communications regarding your case will be reviewed first by your attorney.

Proving Fault In a Slip & Fall Accident

Just because you slipped and fell somewhere doesn’t mean you are automatically entitled to compensation for your injuries. You will also need to prove that the other person was at fault for the conditions behind the slip and fall. This can be shown through evidence that the owner created the circumstances behind the fall, knew of the conditions and failed to correct them, or neglected to find them for an unreasonable amount of time. The danger created by the conditions should be unreasonable, and it should be foreseeable that they would lead to an injury.

Mistakes You Need To Avoid In a Slip & Fall Accident Claim

  • Failure To Alert Management About Your Fall

Reporting your slip and fall to management is a vital part of the personal injury process. Management should file an incident report, which will be an important piece of evidence in your claim.

  • Failure To Seek Medical Treatment

Many people try to tough it out after an injury, which can result in the injury getting even worse. It also means that you won’t have medical bills, or medical records to prove the extent of your injuries. You may also damage the value of your claim by failing to follow your doctor’s instructions.

  • Filing Your Claim Outside Of The Statute Of Limitations

Every lawsuit is subject to a time limit known as a statute of limitations. Any case filed after the applicable statute of limitations has expired will be dismissed. In a slip and fall claim, the statute of limitations begins running the day the accident occurs. In Arizona, the standard statute of limitations in a personal injury claim (including slip and falls) is 2 years from the date of injury. However, there may be exceptions, like if the defendant is a government entity or the accident victim is a child. Contact a personal injury attorney in Arizona to make sure your case is filed within the statute of limitations.

  • Accepting Initial Or Early Offers

Whether you’re dealing with an insurance adjuster or the other party’s attorney, you will probably receive a settlement offer fairly early in the process. While quick payment may be tempting, the other party is rarely going to offer you the full value of your claim. Rejecting early offers doesn’t mean you have to go to trial, despite what the other party may lead you to believe. A personal injury attorney will help you determine whether your settlement offer is fair, and what your chances are at trial so you can make an informed decision.

Contact Your Best Accident Lawyer Option In Arizona

Clearly, there are several potential mistakes you can make in your personal injury claim after a slip and fall accident. Even with the proper care and research, the likelihood that you will make these mistakes increases if you don’t hire an attorney to represent you in your claim. The good news is that you don’t have to pay up front for this expert advice and guidance.

Additionally, when you hire My AZ Lawyers to represent you in your slip and fall claim, not only do you only pay if we win- you are also guaranteed our 25% contingency fee. When compared to our competitors, who charge 33% or more, this could save you thousands of dollars. To get started with your free case evaluation, call or use our online form to schedule today.


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