Why an Avondale Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is so Well Known but Not the Best for You

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Avondale, Arizona

Why an Avondale Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is so Well Known but Not the Best for You
Find out why Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Avondale isn’t so good to file for.
Avondale, Arizona

When an individual files for bankruptcy it’s a private matter that’s kept as confidential as possible. In Avondale Arizona, chapter 11 bankruptcy is most often used by medium or large businesses which can make it more well-known.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy can afford a second chance to an Avondale Arizona business. It can allow a business owner to stay in business and remain in possession of the things he needs to stay in business, while restructuring his debt so that as he does business he will be able to repay his creditors and restore his credit score. By showing this willingness to repay creditors a Chapter 11 bankruptcy will not be nearly as hard on your credit as a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Furthermore, upon filing chapter 11 bankruptcy all foreclosures, lawsuits, repossessions and collection activities will be stayed. Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings can be quite complex and will require an Avondale Arizona bankruptcy attorney.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy may not be the best choice for you, due to some of the following difficulties encountered under chapter 11 bankruptcy.

A business owner seeking to reorganize debt under Chapter 11 bankruptcy will be required to prove that the business can operate profitably once the debts have been reorganized.

Creditors must agree to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy, having reason to believe that the business will return to profitability and be able to repay them. Although in Chapter 11 bankruptcy the owner remains in possession and continues to run the business, it will be overseen by the court.

The owner will be allowed to accomplish the actions needed in the ordinary course of business, but many things must be approved by the court. A bankruptcy trustee will be assigned by the court to oversee the operation of the business and evaluate financial reports.

Another obligation of the business owner will be the keeping of detailed financial records for the court. Additionally the business owner is obligated to account for property and file any other reports requested by the court. The help of an Avondale Arizona bankruptcy attorney can be instrumental in accomplishing this.

As for Avondale Arizona chapter 11 bankruptcy being well-known, a business hoping to reorganize under Chapter 11 will be required to file detailed financial information with the court and these documents will be public record, available for anyone to see.

One more reason an Avondale Chapter 11 bankruptcy may not be for you is the cost. Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be extremely complex and therefore costly.

In the end you must decide for yourself whether the legal costs, time invested, loss of control over some areas of business, and loss of privacy are worth what will be accomplished through a chapter 11 bankruptcy. The highly experienced bankruptcy attorneys at My AZ Lawyers can counsel you in this decision as well as guide you through the process should you decide Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best course for you.

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