What Do You Have to Do To Become a DUI Lawyer in Mesa?

What Do You Have to Do To Become a DUI Lawyer

What Do You Have to Do To Become a DUI Lawyer
Becoming a DUI lawyer is a lengthy and expensive process but is worth the time and money!
Mesa, Arizona

To become a DUI lawyer in Mesa is a lengthy and expensive process. Your law degree must begin by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in another subject. Some popular subjects include psychology, communications, prelaw, history or English.

Once you have received your bachelor’s degree the next step is to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This is a standardized test that measures one’s readiness for succeeding in law school. LSAT exam prep courses are offered both online and at many universities. Once you have passed the LSAT your score is one of the factors law schools will look at in deciding whether to grant admission.

Many people underestimate the expense involved in attending law school. After the expense of acquiring your bachelor’s degree there is a fee to take the LSAT exam and often a fee to apply at each law school. Once you have been accepted into an accredited law school the real expense begins! Tuition for law school can be very costly, and since law school is extremely demanding most students are unable to work full time while attending. Most law school students need financial aid in the form of student loans which must then be paid back after graduation.

Law school itself takes about three years. You will learn about many areas of law and aspects of the American legal system. A Mesa DUI lawyer often trains to become a criminal defense attorney. The curriculum at your law school may not require all the classes necessary to thoroughly prepare you for criminal defense practice. Seek out classes specific to criminal law such as evidence collection, trial advocacy and criminal procedure. The state bar of Arizona’s Board of Legal Specialization certifies attorneys who wish to specialize in certain areas of law. To be certified you must have practiced law for at least seven years and have devoted at least 50% of your practice time to criminal law and be able to pass a written exam and a peer review.

The central requirement to becoming a DUI lawyer in Mesa is passing the Arizona State Bar Exam. This test requires a great deal of preparation and is overseen by the Arizona Supreme Court. Once you have passed the bar exam the Arizona Supreme Court will review your application to determine if you are deemed fit to practice law. If so you will be admitted to the Arizona State Bar.

As you can see it takes a great deal of time and dedication to become a Mesa DUI lawyer. After you have completed all the required education and passed the bar exam, you’ll find that nothing takes the place of courtroom experience. That’s why the dedicated attorneys at My AZ Lawyers all have over a decade of experience in their specialized field. This gives the client the greatest opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome in their case.

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