Five Must Do’s When Involved in a Phoenix Car Accident

Five Must Do's When Involved in a Phoenix Car Accident, Avondale, Glendale, Tucson, Mesa

Five Must Do’s When Involved in a Phoenix Car Accident
One out of every 11 drivers will be in a Phoenix car accident
Phoenix, AZ

According to the national safety Council, one out of every 11 drivers will be involved in a car accident. As traffic in Phoenix Arizona continues to increase, one of those drivers could be you. In the aftermath of a car accident most drivers are understandably shaken, but this is a time when it’s important that you remain clearheaded. Knowing what to do ahead of time is beneficial.

1. Keep a Car Accident Kit in Your Car

It is recommended that you carry an emergency medical kit, as well as insurance cards, medical information cards, a paper and pen to write down pertinent information, a camera, and emergency warning flares.

2. Remember, Safety is Your Primary Concern

Immediately check everyone involved, including yourself, for injuries. Notify the police and if necessary, an ambulance. Turn on your emergency flashers and set out warning flares to caution other drivers.

3. Exchange Information

Pertinent information includes; any other driver’s name, address, phone numbers where they can be reached, their driver’s license number, license plate number, and the name, phone number, and policy number of their insurance company.

4. Document as Much as Possible

Record the make, model and year of all vehicles involved along with the location of the accident and how it came about. Do not admit fault to anyone. If there were any witnesses take down their names and phone numbers. Document the damage to all vehicles as best you can, take photographs of the damages, and photograph the overall setting of the accident.

5. File an Accident Report and Notify Your Insurance Company

If the accident is not serious and there are no injuries police officers may not respond personally. In that case you can obtain a copy of the police report from the local police station. File an accident report. Accident report forms are available both online and at police stations. Notify your insurance company immediately.

It’s not a good idea for drivers to attempt to handle the accident themselves by not involving the police or insurance companies. You cannot be certain that the other driver will keep his word concerning paying for car repairs, and if he is unscrupulous he may even report the accident to the insurance company and claim he was injured. Then it will be much more difficult to defend yourself without an accident, insurance, and police report.

If someone was seriously injured in the car accident, or if there is some dispute as to who was at fault, you may need the services of a Phoenix Arizona accident attorney. At My AZ Lawyers our knowledgeable accident attorneys can help you prove your case if necessary, fight for fair compensation if you were injured, and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. Our Phoenix accident lawyers have both a great deal of experience and extensive education in their field in order to help you achieve the best outcome.

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