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Criminal defense encompasses DUI cases, Felonies, Misdemeanors.  Contact our Gilbert lawyers if you are facing charges for traffic violations or more serious offenses. An experienced drunk driving and criminal defense attorney at our law firm may be able to help you mount a defense that either result in the charges being dismissed or in receiving a lighter sentence.  Our legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of Gilbert residents. Schedule a free consultation with a lawyer to discuss your potential case. When it comes to defending criminal case and protecting your freedom, our dedicated and expert attorneys offer the best legal representation in Gilbert.

Divorce attorney in Gilbert, Arizona, Gilbert Legal Services Family Law & Divorce Attorneys in Gilbert

Family law encompasses divorce, spousal support, child custody / parenting time, child support, grandparents’ rights, and other important legal issues.  A family law attorney can represent you if you are considering adoption in Gilbert.  If you need to create or modify a child custody agreement or if you are fighting Gilbert child services over allegations of child abuse or neglect, contact our Gilbert Legal Services law firm.

Divorce is a special component of family law since it can encompass so many aspects of the law.  Divorce rates in Maricopa County hover around 70%.   The experience of our Gilbert divorce attorneys allows our firm to provide expert legal representation on your behalf .  If you are struggling with your spouse and are considering divorce, contact us today.

Gilbert bankruptcy lawyer, Gilbert Legal Services Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Attorneys in Gilbert

Bankruptcy is a valuable option for many businesses and consumers who need debt relief but feel they have no way out.  For many, bankruptcy can be the fresh start that they need to get their life back in control. Contact My AZ Lawyers bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your options for debt relief and to understand better the bankruptcy process.

Our Gilbert Bankruptcy Attorneys have many years of debt relief experience in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and San Tan Valley in Arizona.  Additionally, we offer a zero down bankruptcy option, same day filings, and unbeatable prices.  Plus, with thousands of successful bankruptcies under our belt, our Gilbert Legal Services is the choice that you seek when considering chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy in Gilbert.

Personal Injury attorney in Gilbert, Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys in Gilbert

An accident or personal injury caused by the negligence of another party can result in damages that may affect your personal, financial, and professional life. Accident victims may be compensated for physical injury and mental anguish. It is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney who will protect your rights and provide expert legal representation to achieve maximum recovery. Contact My Arizona Lawyers for a free case evaluation and consultation to discuss your potential personal injury case.

Therefore, our experienced Gilbert Injury Attorneys will get you the compensation you deserve.  If you are injured in a car accident, rear-ended by another driver, injured in a slip and fall, dog bite, motorcycle accident,  uber accident, or any other injury where you are injured due to the negligence of another, call our East Valley accident lawyers right away.

Free consultation with Gilbert attorney. Gilbert Legal Services. FREE CONSULTATION AND CASE REVIEW

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Schedule an appointment that is convenient for your schedule. Many clients who call our law office have uncertainty regarding their legal issue. An attorney with My AZ Lawyer will review, then answer questions and provide options for your potential case.

Car accident attorney in Gilbert, Arizona, Gilbert Legal Services. Car Accident Attorney in Gilbert

Gilbert Injury Attorneys

Drivers in Gilbert, Arizona experience accidents daily. In a moment, an auto accident can occur, and it another moment, life as you know it could change. Victims of car accidents in Gilbert experience losses due to injury and property damage. Contact My AZ Lawyers to recover maximum compensation for all damages incurred due to an accident caused by the negligence of another party.

Our Gilbert Legal Services can assist you with personal injury and accident cases in Gilbert, Chandler, Apache Junction, and San Tan, Arizona.  Our Gilbert Accident Lawyers only charge 25% fees and we only get paid if we win.  Therefore, you get more of a settlement from our injury attorneys.  Let our experience and and discount fees get you what you deserve from your personal injury case.

While you may feel that you can handle some of these issues on your own, such as filing your own bankruptcy or managing your own divorce, doing so can cost you a lot of money and potentially jeopardize your legal rights.  A qualified and experienced Gilbert attorney at My AZ Lawyers can help you understand the law as it applies to your case. Experienced and dedicated attorneys knowledgable in the Arizona law allows our firm to get the best settlement or provide the best legal representation in Arizona. While there are never any guarantees in a legal case, working with a lawyer can improve your odds of success significantly.

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No one ever wants to have a reason to call an attorney, but if and when you do, it is crucial to find the best law firm in Gilbert.  The following are some different scenarios that may occur which may result in you needing to call on our Gilbert attorneys:

  • Separation from your spouse or the other parent of your children.
  • Struggling with overwhelming debts and need to explore your options for debt relief.
  • Need an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Gilbert, Arizona?
  • Facing criminal charges?
  • Experiencing family issues such as divorce and child custody.
  • Getting an Order of Protection or Fighting a Restraining Order.
  • Facing a DUI charge.

Any time you need expert legal advice and answers to any questions you may have about a legal concern, contact My AZ Lawyers, and a Gilbert attorney will give you answers and options. Schedule a free consultation and case evaluation if you should experience a legal matter that is best handled by an experienced lawyer.

Gilbert Lawyers at My AZ Lawyers are here to provide you the expert guidance and legal counsel that you need.

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