Could Your Glendale Job Could Lead
You to Drink?

Some Glendale Professions Are More Prone to Drinking than Others

Does Your Glendale AZ Job Lead You To Drinking and Driving? We have all probably said it from time to time, I’ve often said (in jest, of course!) that my job drives me to drink. Alcohol. Excessive amounts of alcohol. Have you ever heard a co-worker say “man, I sure could use a drink after today! Whew!” ? Why do some occupations rank higher among all jobs in which employees drink more? Do certain occupations push people into drinking? Do people with addictive personalities or histories of alcohol abuse tend to choose a specific career? Is a “hard day’s work” or an unusually “stressful day at the office” an excuse to unwind and vent with co-workers before having to go home to other responsibilities? The answer is quite possibly YES!

There are certainly stereotypes that are believed to be true when linking alcoholism/drug abuse with some jobs. For instance: Let’s say musician, for example. The lead singer of (fill in the blank with group name) was found unresponsive in his hotel room. Later we hear on the evening news that the tragic death of a young, up-and-coming star was a drug overdose combined with excessive levels of alcohol in the bloodstream. Does anyone else yell out loud at the televison, “SHOCKER!”? There’s a job or many jobs relating to the music industry in which it is not so much surprising (and frankly, kind of an expectation, or at least a perception) that there is a high rate of alcohol use.

Upon Google-ing jobs that cause a person to drink, I was pretty sure wikianswers was going to produce a one-word answer : “yours.” But oddly enough, checking different resources on the internet, there are different jobs that rank at the top of that list as well as different theories as to why they are on the list.

The job most commonly found atop the majority of the lists that I researched: manual laborers — painters, roofers, concrete layers, construction workers, carpet layers, drywall installers, garbage collectors, gardeners, farm workers. This list was compiled after looking at death certificates and determining that the cause of death was alcoholism — and that, as it turned out, the majority of them held employment in one of these positions. The reasoning for manual labor jobs rating highest is likely due to the fact that most of these jobs are held by young males. My research also showed that: bartenders, musicians, amusement park attendants, cooks and food service were also more likely to die from an alcohol-related death than other occupations.

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It is hard to pinpoint if it is the individual, or the position, and the job description itself that puts particular jobs more likely to produce employees that drink. It could be the creative nature of some jobs, pressures of a certain career, success, or that alcohol may give the effect of boosting one’s self-esteem, dislike of the job turns into drinking alcohol to “lessen the pain”. Statistically, men drink more than women. So it would stand to reason that a male-dominated occupation would lend to have more employees who are drinkers.

Drinking on the job, after the job, or anytime, without a designated driver puts you at high risk for getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). The state of Arizona is particularly hard on drunk drivers as their penalties and fines are some of the stiffest in the country. If you are facing drunk driving or other criminal related charges in Glendale, Maricopa County, or throughout Arizona make sure that you aren’t facing them alone. Seek the assistance of an experienced Glendale DUI defense attorney. Time is of the essence when facing criminal charges in Arizona, call our team of experienced criminal defense and DUI lawyers and staff, we offer free consultations. Find out the options available to you now!

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