Ignition Interlock Device: The Unavoidable Result of a DUI

Arizona is tough on drinking and driving – which is a good thing for safety but a bad thing for those who are convicted of driving under the influence. The state hands down tough penalties for a DUI conviction, including up to 10 days in jail for a first offense and up to $1,250 in fines. The penalties go up if you have a higher blood alcohol level or if you have multiple convictions.

You’ll also be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle – at your expense. The device is designed to prevent you from driving under the influence again. You have to blow into the device, which measures your blood alcohol level, before the vehicle will even start. If you have too much alcohol in your system, your vehicle won’t start and you won’t be able to drive.

Hiring a DUI attorney in Mesa is one of the only ways to avoid a DUI conviction and, therefore, avoid having to put an ignition interlock device on your car, but plenty of people have tried to circumvent the device in other ways.

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Attempts to Get around the Ignition Interlock Device

Plenty of people have tried to thwart their ignition interlock devices so that they could still drive after having drunk more than the legal limit, but these devices are designed to detect and elude these attempts.

One of the most common things that drivers try to do is have a sober friend blow into the device. But just like drug users asking a friend for their clean urine to pass a drug test, this doesn’t work. Many ignition interlock devices also have cameras attached that record who is blowing into the device. Though the attempt may result in the vehicle starting in that moment, it will also result in the person getting into even more legal hot water later, including losing their driver’s license.

Some drivers try to use cans of compressed air to try to fool the ignition interlock device. However, the air from these cans often comes out very cold, while the air that comes out of a human body is very hot. Ignition interlock devices have heat sensors on them to detect the difference.

Finally, another popular tactic that drivers use to trick an ignition interlock device is to cover the scent of alcohol on their breath. They may pop a mint, drink a bunch of water, chew gum, or try some other tactic. While this might make their breath nicer for their date, it’s not going to do anything for the ignition interlock device. These devices are designed to detect chemical markers of alcohol, which have nothing to do with odor.

Attempting these or any other tricks to get around an ignition interlock device will only result in another violation, which can lead to more consequences. After being notified of a suspected violation, you will have 15 days to respond and defend yourself.

Hiring a DUI Attorney

Besides making sure that you are 100 percent sober every time you get behind the wheel, the best thing you can do to avoid having an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle is to hire one of the best DUI defense lawyers you can afford after you are charged with driving under the influence. DUI defense attorneys know the ins and outs of the law and how to use the finer points to get your sentence reduced or your charges dropped. Your attorney can challenge the evidence, argue for leniency based on a clean record, or argue for other mitigating circumstances that merit you a lighter sentence.

Call My AZ Lawyers to talk to one of our DUI attorneys about your options. We represent clients in the Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, and Phoenix areas who have been charged with DUI, whether it’s their first or their fifth charge. We also represent people who have been accused of tampering with their ignition interlock device or of violating other terms of their conviction. Call us today, and one of our DUI defense attorneys will review the details of your charges and help you understand your legal options. We’re committed to helping you fight the charges and to protecting your rights.

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