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Why It’s Worth It to Hire a Mesa Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring your own Mesa accident attorney provides countless benefits while pursuing a personal injury claim. First, we provide a barrier between you and the insurance company. Once retained, they must call us with any questions or concerns about your claim. We can prevent the insurance company from using their typical unfair tactics against accident victims who aren’t well-versed in Arizona civil procedure. My AZ Lawyers offers quality legal representation at an affordable price in Mesa for your injury claim.  Call our office to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific legal issue with an attorney experienced in personal injury law.

Another way we can help you throughout the personal injury process is by helping you deal with medical payment. If the other party’s insurance is delaying settlement or you were in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured party, we can help you find insurance coverage or medical liens to pay for your medical expenses until your case is settled.

Most personal injury claims in Mesa settle out of court. Our accident team is prepared to make this happen as quickly and for as high as a value as possible. But if the other party is unwilling to cooperate, we also have significant trial experience for personal injury matters. Personal injury claimants consistently obtain significantly higher injury awards with the proper legal representation. Additionally, our injury team offers a guaranteed budget fee of a 25% contingency rate. Many of our competitors charge 33% of your award or more. To learn more about the advantages of filing your claim with our Mesa injury team, call 480-833-8000 to schedule your free consultation today.


Personal injury compensation in mesa injury claims

There are several expenses for which you might need to be compensated for after an accident to restore you fully. You should review your situation with an injury attorney to determine which damages you might be eligible to collect. Some of these include:

  • Medical bills

  • Anticipated future medical bills

  • Loss of anticipated earning potential

  • Property damage

  • Loss of companionship/consortium

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress

  • Loss of income

  • Pain and suffering




Slip and Fall Accident Causes

Car accidents aren’t the only type of injury case we take. Slip and falls are another common type of personal injury claim in Mesa, Arizona. These claims typically go through the property owner’s homeowner’s or business owner’s insurance rather than through auto insurance. Just like with car accident claims, you need to be prepared for fierce defense by the insurance company. A personal injury attorney can help prove why you are due compensation for your injuries from a Mesa slip and fall accident.

There are countless types of slip and fall accidents, but we tend to see some trends among our clients. Falls are more common on stairs, whether that’s because of broken handrails or defects in the stairs themselves. Water and debris on the floor of a busy establishment could violate the applicable duty of care. Untended sidewalks in certain areas, including ice and snow (not that those are much of an issue in Mesa), could be cause for liability as well. If you are unsure about who might be liable for your injuries after a slip and fall, review the details with an experienced Mesa injury attorney.

Arizona Personal injury Lawyers, Best Accident Lawyers in AZ, Your Arizona Lawyer, Car accident Attorney

The fact that you slipped and fell on someone’s property isn’t enough to collect for an injury claim. The duty of care owed to you by the property owner depends on your status- do you have permission to be there, like a customer or houseguest, or are you trespassing? It also depends on if the property owner was aware of the hazardous condition that caused your injury or had been unaware of it for an unreasonable amount of time. Another factor could be whether the property owner issued you a warning about the hazardous condition. Your personal injury attorney can conduct a detailed investigation of your claim to find every possible piece of evidence in your favor.

Common Injuries from Slip and Falls

It’s highly important that you get checked out by a doctor promptly after a slip and fall, as your injuries could be serious. Severe slip and falls can damage your spinal cord, which could be painful and debilitating. Fractured vertebrae and herniated discs could have a lengthy healing process and may result in permanently decreased mobility. Poor lighting can make it harder to see and easier to slip and fall. Sprains and fractures in other areas, like the foot and ankle, aren’t uncommon either.

It’s one thing to slip and fall. It’s another thing to fall and hit your head. Hitting your head during a fall can result in a TBI, or traumatic brain injury. These can be minor or serious, and life-threatening if not examined promptly. The most common example of a TBI is a concussion. Many concussion injuries are minor but can result in permanent brain damage or death if untreated. Besides signs of injury like bruising at the site of impact, concussions can cause dizziness, tiredness, headaches, dilated pupils, and more. Make sure that you are examined by a doctor as soon as possible if you believe you have sustained a concussion or other TBI in a slip and fall accident.

Arizona Personal injury Lawyers, Best Accident Lawyers in AZ, Your Arizona Lawyer, Car accident Attorney


Affordable personal injury lawyer near you

With all the money paid towards auto insurance each month, you think it wouldn’t be such a hassle to receive compensation for your injuries after an accident. However, insurance companies put up a fight for every dollar they distribute through their claims departments. If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident in Mesa, chances are that you’ll need to lawyer up to get a fair settlement offer. Not only can a personal injury lawyer help you receive a higher award for your damages but make every step of the process easier as well.

Severe injuries could require endless visits to the doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, and more. Any of your medical providers could also have instructions for you to follow at home. One of the most important of these is probably rest. Medical appointments could also com with the issue of out-of-pocket costs. You may need to make a medical claim through your own auto insurance or coordinate with doctors who accept medical liens until your claim is resolved. Your personal injury attorney can help you figure out the most efficient way to pay for your medical expenses until you receive your compensation from the insurance company.