Quick Guide to Child Custody Mediation

Child custody cases can become contentious quickly. Both parents likely want to have the most time with their children that they can. That will leave both of them fighting fiercely to get more time, often by casting the other in the worst light possible. Getting a family law lawyer in Tucson can help each protect their rights and get the child custody order they think is most appropriate.

Mediation is often recommended in the first step of a child custody negotiation. However, you may also want to go to mediation when things have become especially difficult in your negotiations.

Quick Guide to Child Custody Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation involves the two parties – in this case you and your child’s other parent – coming together before a professional mediator to discuss the issues in their case and to try to reach an agreement. The mediator will facilitate the discussion by helping you to settle arguments, by offering potential solutions, and by raising points of law that are relevant to the case and must be considered. The mediator will try to help you reach an agreement together that is in the best interest of your whole family.

A mediator is a neutral third party. The mediator does not work for either you or your child’s other parent, and the mediator will not “take sides.”

Mediation can continue as long as you need it. If you are not able to reach an agreement through mediation, the case will be turned over to a judge to decide, and the judge may make a decision that you don’t like. Mediation gives you the opportunity to create a child custody order that you can accept.

Benefits of Mediation

There are many benefits to participating in mediation. Primarily, mediation helps you to – hopefully – create an agreement with your child’s other parent peacefully and without having to go to court. Other benefits include:

A faster process. You can resolve your case more quickly through mediation than through litigation.
Less expense. You will spend a lot more money paying an Arizona child custody lawyer to litigate your case than you will going through mediation.

Privacy. Litigation requires you to air your business in open court. Mediation happens in a private room with just you, your child’s other parent, and maybe your lawyers – and, of course, the mediator.
More control. You and your child’s other parent come up with the final agreement. If you go to litigation, you put your fate in the hands of a judge. You have no control.
While a child custody lawyer in Phoenix can certainly fight for your rights and help you press for the child custody arrangement you want, there are many benefits to participating in mediation rather than heading straight for litigation.

Getting More Out of Mediation

Mediation can certainly help you get the child custody arrangement you feel is best, but you will get even more out of the mediation process by working with a child custody lawyer at the same time. The mediator is a neutral third party who is not interested in your particular wants or concerns. Your attorney represents your interests and can help guide the conversation during mediation to protect your interests. Your Glendale family law attorney can help you understand your rights during the process, and give you suggestions in response to proposals made or information you receive from the mediator.

The child custody process is rife with emotion, but it doesn’t have to be contentious. You can reach a resolution more quickly and easily with the help of a mediator and the right child custody lawyer.

The child custody lawyers at My AZ Lawyers are ready to help you get the child custody order you want for your family. A child custody lawyer from our team can help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the law and help you understand what kind of child custody order you can expect to get. We’ll represent you during mediation or take your court to court. We’ll explore every legal option for helping you get the child custody order that you feel is best for your children. We represent clients in Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, and Phoenix. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a child custody lawyer.

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