Should I Hire a DUI Lawyer?

Arrested for a DUI in Arizona, Do I Need an Attorney?

Do you need a DUI attorney? Should I Hire a DUI Lawyer? Your Arizona Lawyer, My AZ Lawyers No matter where you are arrested for a DUI, you will face serious consequences. If your arrest occurs in Arizona, the penalties will be especially harsh.  Whereas, Arizona has the most strict DUI laws in the country. Therefore, those arrested for DUI face a wide variety of potential punishments.  For instance,  jail time, fines, license suspension, required use of an interlock device, counseling and driving courses, community service, and high-risk insurance; to name a few. Also, you will have three options when facing a DUI charge- representing yourself, using a court-appointed attorney, and hiring a private attorney.   Therefore when considering Should I Hire a DUI Lawyer, please know that you have options, though hiring an experienced DUI Attorney is the safest option to protect your freedom.

Representing Yourself

Abraham Lincoln famously once said that “a man who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Even if you plan to plead guilty, an attorney may be able to help you negotiate a better plea deal with lower fines and penalties. 

Suppression Hearings

One thing that a pro se (self) representative or overwork and inexperienced attorney may fail to do is bring a suppression hearing. In a suppression hearing, you will argue why a piece of evidence should be excluded from your criminal trial. Therefore, reasons to request a suppression hearing include: the officer not having probable cause to pull you over.  Also, to search your vehicle and you made statements to the officer after the officer failed to read you your Miranda warnings. Plus, if you think some of the evidence in your case may have been obtained unconstitutionally.  Thus, you should ask your Arizona lawyer for DUI during your initial consultations if they handle suppression hearings and if it would be appropriate for your case. 

Sobriety Tests

Should I Hire a DUI Lawyer? Your Arizona Lawyer, My AZ Lawyers, Arizona DUI Attorneys If you believe you were wrongfully arrested because of an error during sobriety testing, hiring an attorney will help you clearly articulate this argument to the court. Field sobriety tests commonly include reciting the alphabet backwards, standing on one foot, and walking in a straight line. If there is a reason you failed these tests, like English being your second language or having an injury or disability, your attorney can use this as a defense in your case. Additionally, the officer may or not perform field sobriety tests before breathalyzing you. When a police officer breathalyzes you, they will have you blow into a device that will display your BAC. There are a few errors that can occur when using a breathalyzer. Some medical conditions can cause a faulty breathalyzer reading, along with radio waves and an officer’s inexperience using the device. 

Second (and Additional) Arrests

Not only do DUI penalties increase in severity when the BAC reaches certain levels, but also when the defendant has previously been convicted of a DUI. Therefore, you will be facing stricter penalties with a second (or third, fourth, etc.) arrest.  Plus, Arizona prosecution is less likely to be lenient with you. Thus, you should definitely consider hiring an attorney if this isn’t your first DUI case. 

Negotiating a Plea Deal

Sometimes, your case won’t have a strong enough defense to plead innocent. Also, your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal for you.  Thus, instead of proceeding with a stressful and expensive trial only to be declared guilty and receive harsh punishments. Plus, your attorney may have you take alcohol counseling courses and complete community service before proceeding with your case.  Doing so, shows that you are committing your wrong to society. 

Prosecutors are less likely to offer a favorable plea deal if your BAC was drastically over the legal limit. Negotiating a plea bargain is also more difficult if there was an accident, injury, or property damage involved in the arrest. Therefore, you can request a lower jail sentence.  Also, you can request: less fines, less restrictions on your license after, or whatever fits your situation best in a plea bargain. Also, an Arizona criminal defense attorney is more likely to have a relationship with the AZ prosecution.  Whereas, it allows them to negotiate more freely.  Still wondering “Should I Hire a DUI Lawyer”, the answer is yes!  It will be helpful.

Cheap Attorneys vs. Expensive Attorneys

Another famous saying is, “you get what you pay for.” Attorneys that charge more typically have more experience, education from prestigious schools, working relationships with prosecutors, and an ample and efficient staff to ensure their office runs smoothly. Thus, with all of the serious consequences you will face with a DUI, you should hire the best attorney you can afford. You can probably expect to spend at least a few thousand on a good DUI attorney. 

We understand that coming up with the money for a defense attorney, especially while dealing with the other consequences of a DUI, can be challenging. Therefore, we try to keep our retainers reasonably priced and allow low monthly payments that should better within your schedule. Plus, our Arizona DUI attorneys offer expert representation at reasonable prices, along with payment plan options. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, or anywhere in Arizona, Call (480) 833-8000 for a free consultation with our experienced attorneys.