Sleepy Driving and Drunk Driving: Are they Equally as Dangerous?

There has been an increase in conversation about drowsy driving and how dangerous it is. Between that and distracted driving (like texting while driving), we keep hearing about the risks they pose and how they can lead to accidents that cause major injuries and even death.

But is sleep driving as bad as drunk driving? Mesa DUI lawyers will tell you that the consequences of the two are certainly not the same. The consequences of a DUI conviction are much greater than what you would suffer if you were convicted of reckless driving (the likely charge if you were in an accident because of lack of sleep).

Drowsy Driver can Be Equally Dangeours as Drunk Driver

Drowsy Driving and Drunk Driving

Studies have compared the effects of being sleep-deprived while driving and being under the influence of alcohol while driving, and they are similar. The research has shown that being awake for 24 hours can have the same affect on the body as having a blood-alcohol content level of 0.10 percent. The legal BAC limit for driving is 0.08 percent.

The reason that driving while drowsy is so dangerous is that it slows your reaction time and interferes with your ability to focus. You are less likely to notice hazards or to be able to respond to them in time – which are the same things that happen when you drink and drive. You’re more likely to run red lights, to swerve off the road, to hit posts and other objects, and more.

Signs of Drowsy Driving

When you are driving, you might not know that the driver next to you hasn’t slept in over a day. But, you can pay attention to the signs to know that the driver is a hazard. Some of those signs can include the vehicle drifting out of the lane, swerving back and forth (or just sort of drifting back and forth), or run through stop signs or red lights. If you see any of these signs, stay away from the driver and call the police to report the vehicle.

If you are the one who is sleep-deprived, you may not realize it right away. Our lives are fast-paced, and we try to fit in more by sleeping less. You will need to keep tabs on how much you are sleeping and make changes to get more rest. Know that your productivity is not worth your safety.

Legal Consequences

If you are stopped for sleepy driving, you are likely going to be charged with reckless driving, which carries far fewer consequences than if you were charged for DUI. However, because the signs of sleepy driving look very much like the signs of driving under the influence, there is a good chance that the officer could charge you with DUI instead.

If that happens, you need to research DUI lawyers serving Phoenix and hire the best one you can find. Your attorney will challenge the grounds for the conviction in order to overturn it – primarily by challenging the failure to perform a breathalyzer test.

Whether you have been driving while exhausted or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are a risk on the road and you can face legal consequences. You should call a lawyer as soon as possible for guidance and to defend against the charges. If you were erroneously charged with DUI when you were really just too tired to be driving, you need a great Mesa DUI attorney to defend you. If you are convicted, you’ll face much worse charges, and the consequences can follow you for years.

Call My AZ Lawyers if you are facing DUI charges in Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, Phoenix, or the surrounding areas. Our DUI defense attorneys are committed to helping you avoid conviction or to helping you get reduced penalties. We know that a DUI conviction can have a ripple effect over the years, making it harder for you to get work and do many other things. We explore all your legal options to help you avoid that fate. Call our DUI law office today to speak to one of our experienced and committed DUI defense attorneys to learn about your legal rights and your options for defense.

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