The Unfortunate Aftermath of a DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction, or driving under the influence, can lead to serious short-term and long-term consequences, whether it’s the first time you’ve been convicted or the fifth. You should do whatever you can to avoid conviction, starting with making sure you’re sober when you get behind the wheel on up to hiring a DUI lawyer in Mesa if you are charged.

Understanding the consequences of a DUI conviction may scare you straight, or it may convince you of how important it is to hire one of the best DUI attorneys you can. Here are just some of the unfortunate consequences you can experience if you are convicted of a DUI:

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Short-Term Consequences

What consequences you will face after a DUI conviction depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Was it the first time you were convicted of driving under the influence? How far over the legal limit was your blood alcohol content? Did you hurt anyone while you were driving or cause any property damage? The more mitigating factors there are in your case, the more serious your consequences are likely to be.

In a standard case, you can expected to spend up to 10 days in jail after your first conviction and to pay up to $1,500 in fines. If it’s your first offense but you have a high blood alcohol level – at least 0.15 – you could spend up to 30 days in jail and pay up to $2,780 in fines. If your blood alcohol level is over 0.20, you could spend up to 45 days in jail and pay up to $3,240 in fines.

As you might expect, higher blood alcohol levels and additional DUI convictions can result in longer jail sentences and more fines. You should also expect to have your license suspended.

Long-Term Consequences

Don’t think that you’ll serve your jail time and pay your fine and be done with your DUI conviction. You will have consequences that follow you for years afterward.

The more serious the circumstances surrounding your conviction, the more likely you are to have your license suspended for a long time. If you have numerous DUI convictions, your license may even be revoked. You’ll find it very hard to get to work, buy groceries, attend family events, and take care of other needs when you aren’t able to drive yourself.

You may end up losing your job because of your DUI conviction. Some employers have a clause about criminal behavior, and if you are convicted of any crime, you can lose your job. You could also lose your job just because you are out of work so often going to court dates, spending time in jail, and attending alcohol education classes.

You may have a hard time getting employment in the long term, as well, with a DUI conviction on your record. Many employers will run a criminal background check, and a DUI will appear on that. Employers will consider such an incident to be a sign of irresponsibility and poor decision-making.

Of course, you can also expect to pay more for your car insurance if you have a DUI conviction. Over time, you could end up paying tens of thousands more for your premium. That conviction will stay on your record for years, and your insurance company is likely to keep those rates hiked so long as it stays on your record.

If you are charged with a DUI, you need to hire a good DUI attorney to help you fight conviction. The right attorney may be able to get the charges dropped. Where that’s not possible, the right attorney may be able to get the sentence reduce so that the consequences are minimized.

My AZ Lawyers is ready to help if you have been charged with a DUI in the Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, or Phoenix areas. Our DUI lawyers are committed to fighting for your rights and helping you get the best possible outcome for your case. We’ll explore all the legal options to fight the charges against you or to get your sentence reduced. Contact us today to talk with one of our DUI defense attorneys about the circumstances in your case and to start exploring your legal options.

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