Alison Briggs, My AZ Lawyers attorney, was interviewed by KOLD News 13, Tucson, Arizona. Ms. Briggs gave her professional opinion as to a child’s rights regarding decisions made on whether or not to vaccinate them against COVID-19. *

For some parents, deciding whether to give their child the vaccine is a major issue. What happens when parents disagree on the topic? How is it decided what will happen with the child? KOLD News 13, Tucson, Arizona Fact Finders looks at the issue of  children and COVID vaccinations, asking Alison Briggs, Arizona family law attorney for her professional advice. **

Ms. Briggs told the reporter that technically, if a child is younger than 18 years old, they are legally subject to their parents’ decisions, including the COVID vaccination. It may be up to the child’s medical provider, however, if a child is resistant to wanting the vaccine. The provider may choose not to give the shot based on ethics reasons. Factors including the child’s age may be a part of that decision.

Does a child have a say or a right to take parents to court regarding decisions made about getting – or not getting – the COVID-19 vaccination?

Read the full story and news video featuring Allison Briggs, attorney at My AZ Lawyers:  FACT FINDERS: CHILD’S VACCINE RIGHTS

Contact Ms. Briggs if you would like to discuss a child’s vaccine rights or other Arizona family law issue.

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